Website & App User Testing

We provide videos of real people using your website or app.


Real users talk throughout the session providing critical feedback on what they are thinking and why they are taking actions, as you watch and listen to the video. Test users also complete a questionnaire on their experiences, providing specific feedback on the issues important to you.

Users fit your typical customer profile, and are recruited from PAN’s unique database of over 6000 vetted and profiled Irish consumers. Tests reflect real life experiences as they are completed in the users typical environment and using their normal device.


  • Success rate in completing specific tasks
  • Clarity: site/app clear or confusing
  • Navigation: clear & correct links, buttons and path to take
  • Information complete, incomplete, too much
  • Good/inadequate help
  • Page layout attractive/inviting, page length
  • Information where you expected to find it. Information relevancy
  • Time to complete task: reasonable or not
  • Quick/slow to load pages
  • Enjoyable/frustrating experience
  • Increase or decrease your confidence in organisation
  • Satisfied or dissatisfied with end result


Website User Test sample video (



Videos with voice over walk-through are embedded into online reports – providing you with both quantitative and qualitative feedback on user experiences.

PANnet, our state of the art online reporting platform delivers a unique range of actionable reporting:

  • Individual user reports to overviews, summaries and trends.
  • Usability Strengths and weaknesses can be understood at a glance.
  • Use one click drill down to pinpoint which issue needs improvement
  • Read detailed narratives about how user felt and what their opinions are


We also provide a Customised Composite Report, which includes:
  • Summary of main findings
  • Video clips of main usability issues identified by users and rated by significance
  • Positive and negative user experience issues
  • Recommendations from a user’s perspective


We highly recommend PAN to any company seeking a partner that provides outstanding service, expertise and a detailed evaluation of customer experiences. A great company!

MC, Head of Change & Improvement
Hickeys Pharmacies

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