7 things to mention when introducing mystery shopping to frontline staff

By PAN Research, Thursday, 27th August 2020 | 0 comments

To get the most benefit from mystery shopping we encourage all our clients to communicate the reasons for conducting a mystery shopping programme to frontline staff.  In our experience, the more open you are with your customer facing colleagues from the outset, the more effective the reports will be in improving customer experiences .


  1. Distribute the mystery shop evaluation form to all employees, or at least a sample of the issues to be included.


  1. Top management should be closely associated with introducing the programme.


  1. Let staff know that an independent mystery shopping company will manage the research. This will give an important indication that you are serious about measuring and improving customer experiences.


  1. Clearly communicate the aims of the programme: whether that is helping to improve customer experiences, gaining better insights into how customers feel, or as a way to monitor compliance with standards or procedures.


  1. It is important to let staff know that the programme will benefit them and the business. It is not intended to catch them doing anything wrong, everyone has a bad day.


  1. Results of mystery shopping should be distributed and publicised within the company.


  1. Let staff know that mystery shoppers are normal customers that make typical everyday inquiries. Mystery shopping is not about asking difficult questions.

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