Become a Mystery Shopper

Become a Mystery Shopper

Get Paid to tell us about your experiences as a customer

Mystery shoppers pose as typical customers and visit businesses like retail stores and car dealerships in order to measure standards of customer service.

Read the steps below to become a mystery shopper and get paid for flexible and occasional work.

Steps to becoming a mystery shopper with PAN

  1. Read the Requirements below
  2. Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  3. Complete your Application
  4. You can also get more information on how mystery shopping works and FAQ’s    


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age 
  2. A good standard of both spoken and written English.
  3. An ability to write about a customer experience you had
  4. Enjoy interacting with people and have good observational skills
  5. Have a computer, tablet or smartphone, and a printer
  6. Good internet connection, a personal email address and a telephone number
  7. Access to a digital camera or camera phone
  8. We pay you securely via Paypal, so you need to set up a Paypal account (we never ask for your bank details)
Read our Terms and Conditions

PAN Mystery Shopper Independent Contractor Agreement

All Mystery Shoppers are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS for PAN Research . This contract is made between PAN Research Ltd, D3 Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 Ireland, herein referred to as “Company” and you, an Independent Contractor Mystery Shopper, hereinafter referred to as “Shopper”.

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you are opting in to receive communications from PAN Research about mystery shopping Jobs. We use your contact details when recruiting and assigning mystery shopping jobs, and when processing and storing your mystery shop reports. You can change your preferences or delete your profile on the PANnet/Sassie system at any time (Shopper Profile & Shop Log page). We manage and store your personal data in line with GDPR requirements. 

Nature of Work

  • The Shopper poses as a typical customer and visits client’s businesses in order to measure standards of customer service. Mystery shop reports are then submitted to PAN within 24 hours of the evaluation.
  • The Shopper is a self-employed independent contractor, and when not engaged as a mystery shopper for PAN is at liberty to engage in other activities with any other business or organisation
  • The shopper is responsible for his/her tax and social insurance payments.
  • The shopper is free to accept or reject any assignment that is offered to them
  • If a Shopper submits incomplete or inaccurate reports, reports that do not follow the mystery shop briefing guidelines, or reports submitted later than 24 hours following the evaluation or after the agreed deadline then the shopper will not be paid the fees or expenses involved.
  • The shopper shall not indicate to any person at any time the identity of the clients for whom they are providing the mystery shopping service on behalf of PAN.
  • PAN Research will not be responsible for any automobile accident, on-site Project-related accidents or injuries, workers’ compensation of any sort and/or insurance coverage, or any damages whatsoever relating to or arising out of a Shopper’s performance of services in connection with this Agreement. The Shopper agrees to assume sole responsibility for such matters and agrees to indemnify and save the Company harmless from any liabilities, claims or demands (including the costs, expenses, and legal fees on account thereof) that may result from or arise out of a Shoppers performance of services hereunder.
  • Shoppers are provided with training for each assignment. Shoppers have an input into when and where assignments are completed – this is agreed in advance, and how you complete the questionnaire, i.e. your comments as a typical customer.
  • The Shopper agrees to fully comply with the MSPA Shopper Code of Professional Standards (
  • The Shopper acknowledges liability for any damages including loss of business which may arise from deliberate falsification of reports and confirms that they are aware that PAN can and may prosecute for fraud.
  • The Shopper agrees that they will not accept any assignment where (as far as they are aware) they know personally anyone who works for the target organisation and there is no reason why any of the target organisation’s employees should know that they are a Mystery Shopper.
  • The fees and costs of each assignment are agreed in advance with the shopper. Payment is monthly.
  • The Shopper is to provide exact contact details (fixed place of business) for communication purposes, and is responsible for providing necessary ‘materials’, i.e. phone, suitable appearance, PC & Internet connection.
  • In certain circumstances, and only if agreed with PAN in advance, assignments may be referred to a third party. PAN must be made aware of this prior to the event.
  • The Shopper agrees to keep any notes or copies of reports for SIXTY days from the day an assignment was carried out.
  • The Shopper confirms they understand that information about employees of organisations is highly confidential and is governed by the Data Protection Act and they will destroy any notes or copies of reports by shredding, burning or tearing or some other means of ensuring they are unreadable once NINETY days has elapsed from the date of the assignment.
  • The Shopper shall not act or make any statement in such a manner that is likely to injure the reputation of PAN or to expose PAN to criminal or civil proceedings.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by giving seven days notice.
  • The Shopper shall keep private and confidential both during and for thirty-six months subsequent to the cancellation of this Agreement, any information in relation to PAN’s affairs, members or customers.
  • As a PAN shopper you have the opportunity to benefit from sound management and the future growth in our mystery shopping business in terms of the performance of completed assignments, and therefore our client reports, and the regularity of assignments.
  • Although guidelines are provided, it is your responsibility to successfully manage the exact scheduling of assigned evaluations within the agreed timeframe.