Survey Type Advantages Disadvantages Application

Very low cost

Extremely fast responses

Respondent flexibility - when to complete

High response rate for correct targeting

Powerful & fast reporting

Include visuals & audio

List integrity: safe guards to ensure reliability of findings

Short surveys, response rates drop with longer surveys

B2C: may not reflect general populations (see PAN's Consumer Panels)


Business to Business Research: by email or on website

Employee Attitude Surveys

Consumer surveys with PAN's Consumer Panel


Wide Consumer reach (also see PAN's Consumer Panels)

Interviewers elicit more complete & substantive answers

High control of interviewer standards & sample

B2C: Lower response rates

No visual supports

Requires skilled interviewer for best results

General Population surveys

Business surveys where interviewer can probe for substantive answers

Face to Face

Build rapport & talk to respondent longer

Good response to open ended questions

Allows probing and answers to be queried


Longer to complete than other options

For key customers

Where the subject is complicated or lengthy

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