1. What does a Mystery Shopper do?
A mystery shopper is someone who visits or phones a business and poses as a typical customer for the purpose of evaluating standards of customer service. After conducting the visit a shopper is required to complete an online questionnaire.  The questionnaire is a mixture of answering Yes/No type questions and providing comments detailing their experience and how they were dealt with.  This information is then used to provide feedback from the perspective of typical customers in order to help companies improve standards of customer service.

2. How can I register to become a PAN Mystery Shopper?
You will need to fill out and submit the details in the application page. This is an important document as it gives us a good indication of the type of work a potential mystery shopper might be suitable for. You may then be asked to complete a sample evaluation.

3.What is required to complete a good mystery shopping evaluation?
Mystery shoppers must be observant, honest and objective when completing their evaluations. Shoppers must be capable of writing a detailed account as their experiences as a typical customer, so shoppers must have fluent English. Training and guidelines are provided for each evaluation. Shoppers should also be interested in different aspects of how companies treat their customers, in terms of service and sales etc.

4. How much does Mystery Shopping pay and how long do evaluations take?
For walk-in visits, the visit itself could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. Completing the evaluation form after your visits normally takes between 25 to 45 minutes. Walk-in evaluations pay between €15 to €50 per completed visit (depending on the complexity and length of the assignment etc.). The rate for  telephone evaluations is between €7.50 to €15. In applicable cases mileage is reimbursed.  A verbal quote of the fee will always be given to you by PAN before you accept an assignment. We pay mystery shoppers directly into their bank account by electronic transfer.

5. Is Mystery Shopping an employment position?
No, Mystery shopping is only occasional work.  A mystery shopper is a self-employed independent contractor. Mystery shoppers are also responsible for their own tax and social insurance payments. Mystery shopping is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. As a mystery shopper with PAN you could expect to get an average of anywhere from 6 to 30 assignments per year, though shoppers who do excellent work can expect assignments more regularly.

6. How much time do I have to complete a shop?
It depends on the evaluation but mystery shoppers will be notified of the due date in the recruiting email. However once training (usually by phone) is completed an evaluation should normally be submitted within 2-5 days.

7. Can I take my spouse, friend or child on my mystery shopping assignment?
Unless it is a specific requirement of an evaluation mystery shops should be completed unaccompanied. This ensures that the shopper and staff member are not distracted from their work and thus an accurate evaluation will be completed.



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